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Cryo Craft World of Flags | Flags, Continent and Capital of 48 Countries | Educational Toys | Learning Games | Geographical Game Knowledge

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Brand: Cryo Craft

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  • Cryo Craft Preschool learning concepts – Learn Flags of Different Countries & Continents with our Wooden Puzzle Board | Also consists of 48 Capital of Countries.
  • The tiles are removal to make the entire Flags learning experience interactive and fun to learn.
  • Early learning concepts are made very easy by our fun and interactive toys range. Attractive Color scheme and safe materials used for safety & longevity.
  • This is a great game for children to learn the early school concepts. This puzzle is designed to develop hand and eye coordination.
  • Dimensions: Generous sizing measures 29cm x 29cm x 0.9 cms Material: Wood Age: 3 years up