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StonKraft 12″x 12″ Collectible Foldable Wooden Chess Game Board Set with Magnetic Crafted Premium Wood Pieces (12 Inch X 12 Inch)

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Brand: Stonkraft

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Product details

  • StonKraft 12″ Folding Wooden Chess comes with a Chess book now. Learn how to play Chess or learn Professional tips/ tricks to win a game. Chess Book with Illustrations. Great for beginners. Written by Professional Chess Players.
  • Size : 12 Inch x 12 Inch (Open), 12 Inch x 6 Inch (Folded). Travel friendly Chess.
  • The king measures 2.25″ high. Other pieces are in proportional to Kings height. Handmade Product.
  • This is a foldable chess and made of medium wood thickness to make it foldable. The board itself might have resistance to lie flat but with regular use, the issues will fade away.
  • Board is made using Indian wood and Boxwood. Staunton Magnetic Coins/Pieces also made of Brown/Yellow Polished Wood.

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