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Wood O Plast Toys – Digger Raised Puzzle Tray | Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles | Educational Toys | Learning Games | Puzzle Games

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Price 395.00

Brand: Wood O Plast

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Product details

  • Wood O Plast presents Preschool learning concepts – Digger Raised Puzzle Tray, Multi Color (27 Pieces)
  • Material is medium density fiberboard wood with Environmental protection water-based paints.
  • Product Details – BoardSize: 9x 12x 0.4 inches Plus Puzzle Pegs
  • A Fun, Interactive, Colorful Activity Toy for children. Children learn to use judgement skills to put back blocks in the right place to reset the original picture.
  • Our toys range are excellent for developing motor skills and motivate to use their intelligence constructively.

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