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Stonkraft DIY Basic Robotic Kit II Complete Robot Chassis Double Layer Robotic Chassis Motor Wheel Clamp Screw Components (Battery not Included)

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Brand: Stonkraft

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  • It is a basic kit for building various robotic applications using micro controller boards like Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc. This is the most popular robotic starter kit with BO DC Motor of 150 RPM with complete set of Wheels, clamps, nut-bolt, spacer and screw for mounting. 
  • Specifications: Motor speed: 150 RPM Wheel diameter: 7.3 cm Acrylic chassis (Base) dimension: 15.5 cm X 10.0 cm Acrylic chassis (Top) dimension: 10.0 cm X 10.0 cm
  • Long Nuts and bolts to attach base and upper acrylic part – 4 Nos. Base acrylic part – 15.5 cm X 10.0 cm Top acrylic part – 10.0 cm X 10.0 cm Caster – 1 Nos. Stud and nut-bolts, screw for mounting – 3 Sets White corrugated Box (Packing box) (Battery not included)
  • Items Included BO Motor 150 RPM – 2 Pcs BO Wheel – 2 Pcs BO Motor Clamp – 2 Pcs Screws for mounting motor with motor clamp – 4 sets Nuts and bolts for mounting motor clamp with acrylic base– 4 sets Screws for tightening Wheel with motor shaft – 2 Nos. Spacer to put between Upper and base acrylic part – 4 Nos.

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