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StonKraft 4″ King Height – Tournament Chess Pieces (with Two Extra Queens) Chessmen Staunton Chess Coins – Ideal for Professional Chess Players


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Price 445.00

Brand: Stonkraft

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Product details

  • Made from High Quality Plastic. All pieces are made with high level precision.
  • King height 4 inch. TWO EXTRA QUEENS with this set. Sturdy 90% plastic filled chessmen. International Staunton Chess pieces. Other pieces are in proportion to Kings Height.
  • Best suited for International Standard Tournament Chess board of 14″ to 18″.
  • Made in Black & White colour which universally suits most Chess Boards.
  • You can combine this Chessmen set with our wide range of Chess Boards (Marble, Stone, Wood, Brass etc). Most compatible Chess Boards can be looked up on Amazon page by searching B011LA400I, B011RP1IX4, B011L7AFJG and B018U00P10.

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