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KLEO Marble Chakla Polpat Roti Chapati Maker Rolling Board – 9 Inch Round Board | Polpat | Chapati Maker

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Brand: KLEO

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Product details

  • KLEO 9 inch (Dia.) Marble Chakla for rolling Roti, Paratha, Puri, etc. Very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Marble Chakla is Natural, durable and comes with a Heavy Base. The surface is even, so it helps roll out a perfect Roti every time.
  • Hand Carved from a single piece of Marble Rock. This Chakla has a flat base for more stability while making Rotis/Chapatis.
  • Diameter – 23 cms (9 Inch) Material: Mirror Finish White Marble (Belan NOT included). Felt is fitted on the bottom of the Chakla to cancel noise and provide better grip.
  • Made from Marble hence won’t absorb any Food Odor or Color. This product is 100% Made in India and handmade by skilled artisans.