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eSplanade 36″ Black and White Handcrafted Marble Pietre Dure Pietra Dura Table Top (Without Stand)

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Price 39,995.00

Brand: eSplanade

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Product details

  • eSplanade Exclusive 36″ Diameter Handcrafted Black Marble Stone made Dining / Centre Table with Pietre Dura Artwork/Inlay work. Made on one Stone.
  • Made by using Inlay method, similar to that used in construction of Taj Mahal. Stones are encrusted all around the table.
  • Dimension: Size : 36″ Diameter Colour: White Material: Marble Weight: 40Kgs. Made out of single stone. NO Dust NO Powder. Very Strong Very Sturdy.
  • This table top can be adjusted on any strong, suitable base to suit your colour scheme.
  • Unique design. One of a kind. Made with high precision and diligence. Exclusively made by hand using many man hours.