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IVEI Four Elements Coasters with Holder- Set of 4 – Air,Fire,Water,Earth-Wooden Coasters Holder – Office/Home Décor


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Price 695.00

Brand: IVEI

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Product details

  • ELEMENTS OF LIFE : Earth – the Mother Goddess, fertile, nurturing grounding and strong. Air – first breath of life, connected to the mind, wisdom, spirits and soul. Fire – represents our passions, compulsions, zeal, creativity and motivation. Water – soaks us with love, happiness, devotion and thankfulness.
  • WOODEN HOLDER : Hand painted in earthen tones, these coasters come with a wooden holder which is convenient for storage. While not in use, you can put them directly into the holder, which will make your space tidier.
  • HIGH QUALITY – High quality, wood is used to achieve a smooth finished, durable product.
  • DIMENSIONS : 3 inch X 3 inch X 0.25 inch.

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