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eSplanade Buddha Table Top Indoor Outdoor Water Fall Fountain | Home Decor – Polystone – 12″ Inches – Beige

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Brand: eSplanade

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Product details

  • This Fountain has a Water Pump which contains Flow Control Meter which on installation is to be placed on maximum speed and then reduce as per the flow requirement.
  • On installation, test the motor without water for a few seconds if the pump is not working for some reasons.
  • Size (L x W x H): 20 cm x 18 cm x 30 cm | Material: Poly-stone | Package Contents: 1 Water Fountain.
  • Buddha statues are believed to bring calm and peace where they are placed. They repel negative energy and attract positive vibes.
  • Water fountains are a symbol of prosperity and well being. This indoor / outdoor fountain is ideal for home decor or desk. Place it around your home, living room, yoga room or meditation room. It’s great for office / workplace too as its presence brings a lot of positivity.