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eSplanade Pet Cremation Urn | Decorative Urn | Memorials urn Container Jar Pot | Brass Urn | Metal Urn | Burial Urn | Memorials Keepsake | Pet Dog Cat urn (Blue 30 lbs)

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  • Our Pets are not just our best friends but also members of our home and life. Losing them is a heartbreaking and most painful experience.
  • We understand the need to find comfort in memorializing the dearly departed souls. Our Paws prints engraved Pet Urn provide the comfort that’s just needed to do that. They provide a home for your pets that showcases your everlasting love for them. Our Paws prints engraved Pet Urn/ Keepsake are a beautiful memorial with paws embossed on it. Silver painted, enameled to keep a perfect shine and has a threaded closure. This keepsake is available in small size, so it’s suitable to keep a part of the remains/ ashes.
  • Our urns are handmade in India, by skilled artisans. The body of the urn is cast in 2 pieces and joined together to a perfect finish. The carvings are done by hand. The paws on the urns are hand carved.
  • By buying one of our pet urns you become a part of our goalkeeping the skills of old artisans alive and support them in earning a livelihood.
  • Material Type: Brass, Included Components: 2 Pieces of Memorial Container Item Volume: 750 ml, Has Lid: Yes Item Dimension: 5 x 5 x 4.5 Inches.